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What are the benefits to outsourcing? Where do we start?

First, there is obviously, the cost savings. Most of our clients enjoy 40% to 65% in labor savings. For an employee making $15.00 per hour in the United States, the annual savings will be about $17,000 per year.

Next, there is productivity. With almost every client we have, the Waquis employee performs as good, or better, than their domestic counterpart.

The ability to scale up and down is a massive attraction for many of our clients. Let's say there is a slowdown in our economy and you have to let go of 10% of your workforce. Domestically, that means layoffs, unemployment, empty workstations, low morale, and even potential lawsuits. With Waquis, you just email us, tell us you want to let go of 10% of your workforce, and it's done. We handle the rest. No mess. No fuss.

Finally, the ability to work in almost any time zone is a major benefit to many of our clients to utilize 24/7 production.

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