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What is Global Staffing?

For as long as there have been humans, there has been trading of a global nature. Marco Polo and the East Indian Trading Company brought global trading to entirely new levels bringing spices and cloths made in India and the Orient and then selling their wares in Europe. Bedouins used camels to trade in the middle east and across Africa. Americans made ships for the British prior to the War of Independence.

From the beans in your coffee, to your cellular phone, the the steel in your car.. all of it is part of global trade.

Global staffing is no different. It's utilizing a work force in another part of the world for cost savings, efficiency, and performance.

At Waquis, we specialize in working with companies to organize a global workforce. We do everything for you. We hire and train employees. We work with you to ensure the work is done right. We have a very secure facility (as security is a huge concern of all of our clients). We can start small (with only three employees) or staff upwards of a hundred employees. No matter your staffing needs, chances are good that we can help you.

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