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For almost any business, labor costs are, by far, the largest costs incurred. Factoring in salary, taxation, unemployment, worker's compensation, insurance, vacation and sick pay, and overhead, employee costs are a major part of the company expenditures.

The true costs of an employee making $15 per hour are probably closer to $19 per hour when taking in all the overhead associated with labor.

Then, there is the cost associated with training new employees and the assumed risks (termination, low performance, unemployment...) of labor.

Most of our clients save between 40% and 65% on labor costs. That's a significant amount of money.

Our labor costs range between $10.00 and $12.00 per hour. That's all inclusive (all overhead included). All your company pays is an invoice once per month. If there's a slow down, just email us and we'll reduce your staff. If there's an increase, another email and we ramp up staff.

In almost all of our client relationships, our staff works in conjunction with the domestic staff to act as a support for more critical tasks.


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